Monday, June 28, 2010

"All that matters is that you get it done"

Well, it has been a while since I've last updated and I have a bit to report. Running is the status quo - it has been very hot so I have been taking my time with my runs. I'm not about to break any land speed records here! But that's OK. I'm doing it and I'm dedicated and that's what counts.

Last Wednesday I was doing my 3 mile run. A guy passed me and we exchanged a brief hello and how ya doing. A few hundred yards later, he was done his run and was standing in a driveway. As I was passing him, he asked me how far I'm going today. I said "3, I'm slow, but almost done!" He replied with, "All that matters is is that you get it done!". It definitely helped to remember those words on Friday when I did my 5.5 miles.

So yeah, 5.5 miles on Friday. It was my longest run yet and it was HOT. The heat index was 92* and I was toasty. I took water with me and reallllly took my time and I was able to get it done. Thank you to all the friends who posted on my facebook for your advice and encouragement! It helped a lot!

I have been contemplating going back to Weight Watchers for the past couple of weeks. It seems to be the only eating plan that has ever significantly worked for me. The only thing really holding me back is finances, so we'll see what I end up deciding. In the meantime, I'm going to use sparkpeople to log my calories and continue to stick to my running schedule. I had hoped that I would have lost more weight with all the running by now (I've lost about 6 pounds) but I think I really need to buckle down with what I'm eating. Perhaps Weight Watchers is the key. Stay tuned on that front.

Have a great week! Last week at my current job - I'm psyched! Next week means back to evening runs.

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