Monday, July 19, 2010

hot, Hot, HOT!

Hi friends!

Been HOT here on the OBX, and my runs are struggling due to the heat. I try and try to remind myself that it's not about speed, it's about endurance, but mentally it is tough to see my times slow down so much. I am also trying to remember that when I get into my really long training runs it'll be Sept/October so hopefully it will be a little bit cooler. I carry my water and try to pace myself well.

This weekend Matt and I went up to the local running store in Duck. I had wanted to see if they had any of the fitness fanny pack things, and unfortunately they didn't. However, Matt convinced me to get properly fitted in new running shoes and treated me to a new pair. He is such a great cheerleader and support through my training and I am very thankful! I am looking forward to trying out my new kicks - they are a new brand (Mizuno) that I've never worn. I'll report back soon!

In other news, my friend Lori has said she will run the marathon with me! I am so excited to share this experience with her - even though she is in Philly and I'm down here in NC. The marathon will be a great weekend and a fun time with one of my close friends. We've agreed that even though we are running it together, we are each going to do our own thing and go at our own pace. It'll be nice knowing that I have a cheerleader running the race with me, and that I am cheering her on as well!

Hope everything is going well and to all of my friends that are training for marathons, half marathons, triathalons - keep kicking ass!


  1. YAY Laura! You are awesome. Focus on the distance and the speed will come

  2. When I ran the seven miler last year my sister and I wore matching shirts that said, "Remember the turtle won."

    You're doing awesome...keep up the good work!