Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Quite a week!

Hi everyone!

Well, last week I was feeling kind of frustrated with the heat so I ended up re-joining the Y. I really, really do not like the treadmill. I get bored and I don't like people looking at me and my slowness. But, with heat indexes over 100 a lot of days, it must be done! So off I went to the Y.

Let me tell you - I had an AWESOME workout on the treadmill that day! I challenged myself to speed up to 6.0 mph (this is fast for me) for 1/10 of a mile every half mile. Then .15 mile, then 1/5...it kept the workout interesting and I had my fastest 3 mile time yet. I plan on using the TM only when I have to, because, well, the marathon isn't indoors. But I do plan on doing speed workouts like that when I do have to use it.

As I've mentioned before in my blog, the heat and resulting slowness has been getting me down. I emailed my uncle who coaches a cross country team for some advice on how to make it easier, avoid dehydration, that kind of stuff. He wrote me a very encouraging email with lots of good advice. At the end of it he said, "remember, you're out there. i admire every runner i see even if it's someone just shuffling along. they're out there." That made me feel better! I keep trying to remind myself that I'm doing it and that's what matters.

I mentioned a while ago that I was planning on re-joining weight watchers...well I joined a few weeks ago and have lost 2.2 pounds. Yay! Slow and steady!

Next week I will be in Asheville, NC for a work training thing so that will be a challenge with running. It looks like the hotel is across the street from a park, so I will definitely be exploring. And there is a fitness center so I can always treadmill if needed. Anyone have any tips for staying on your plan (both running and eating) when you travel? I'm bringing a bunch of healthier snacks with me and plan on just doing my best - lots of salad, grilled seafood, etc. Just because I am away from home doesn't mean it's an excuse to go crazy with the food.

Oh, and I'm going on a ghost tour! Fun. *scared*

Monday, July 19, 2010

hot, Hot, HOT!

Hi friends!

Been HOT here on the OBX, and my runs are struggling due to the heat. I try and try to remind myself that it's not about speed, it's about endurance, but mentally it is tough to see my times slow down so much. I am also trying to remember that when I get into my really long training runs it'll be Sept/October so hopefully it will be a little bit cooler. I carry my water and try to pace myself well.

This weekend Matt and I went up to the local running store in Duck. I had wanted to see if they had any of the fitness fanny pack things, and unfortunately they didn't. However, Matt convinced me to get properly fitted in new running shoes and treated me to a new pair. He is such a great cheerleader and support through my training and I am very thankful! I am looking forward to trying out my new kicks - they are a new brand (Mizuno) that I've never worn. I'll report back soon!

In other news, my friend Lori has said she will run the marathon with me! I am so excited to share this experience with her - even though she is in Philly and I'm down here in NC. The marathon will be a great weekend and a fun time with one of my close friends. We've agreed that even though we are running it together, we are each going to do our own thing and go at our own pace. It'll be nice knowing that I have a cheerleader running the race with me, and that I am cheering her on as well!

Hope everything is going well and to all of my friends that are training for marathons, half marathons, triathalons - keep kicking ass!