Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"I ran the whole way....slowly"

Today was a 3 mile run. I mapped it out and found that Kitty Hawk Kites is about 1.5 miles away from the end of our street on the Beach Rd. I was debating going to the Y and doing intervals on the treadmill but decided to run outside instead. At Matt's encouragement I figured I'd just go as far as my body would let me before walking.

Well, the good news is I ran the whole 3 miles! The bad news...it took me 50 minutes. Hot damn, I'm slow. But, I'm not out to win this marathon, so who cares? I'll get faster with time, I'm sure.

I had some blood sugar issues before so I had to delay my run a bit. For some reason my blood sugar went up to 422 (WTH?!) so I waited a bit for it to come down. I left with it at 309 and when I got back it was 117. Yay, normal level! I also wore my pump when I ran, something which I usually don't do because it bounces and gets annoying. But it wasn't too bad. My basal rate was set on 20% of normal. I am sure that I will be doing a lot of toying with it in the future, boring my non-diabetic friends in the process. :o)

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