Sunday, April 25, 2010

What a weekend!

I went home to Delaware this weekend for a friend's bridal shower. I was scheduled to run my 3 miles on Friday, which I did by my parents' house. It was interesting- there is definitely more elevation in Newark, DE than Nags Head, NC! But I powered through the baby hills and ran the whole way. Luckily my parents had some moleskin at their house so I used that to cover up Bob. It wasn't too bad. 3 miles in 42 minutes...I'm getting there!

Saturday I was scheduled to do a 30 minute walk and the bride was nice enough to go with me. And she brought her adorable puppy too. Bob the Blister must have popped (sorry, gross) sometime during the walk because I noticed it when I took a shower later on on saturday. Ouch.

So I had a little issue. It was a bridal shower and I was wearing a sundress so wearing sneakers wasn't really an option. Luckily I brought 3 pairs of shoes with me and wore what I thought would be most comfortable. Well, standing all day in open toe-flippy heels did not make for a happy blister. The moleskin would not stay on and it was just a bad scene. My blister was throbbing by the end of the day.

I've been treating it with hydrogen peroxide, neosporin, guaze, and tape. It looks like I had surgery or something on my foot, but as someone with Diabetes I cannot be too careful with my feet.

I think tomorrow I am going to try to do the elliptical and then see how my foot feels on Tuesday to get back into my normal schedule. I am frustrated and super cranky about it. I'm a week in and already a setback. Annoying.

Do any of my runner friends have any tips? My sneakers are fairly new and they were fine before the 3 mile run I did on Tuesday. Should I stick with them or maybe hit the running store and see what they recommend? I bought some moisture wicking socks this weekend which I'll be trying. I also brought some new workout gear, thank you Kohl's gift card!


  1. When I got blisters during my first half, the school nurse used gauze to essentially make doughnuts around them and then gauze over the top in case they broke. I needed better moisture wicking socks is what I figured out.

  2. Get the band aids for blisters- they are amazing and they stay on forever. You might need two for bob's remains...

  3. I've used these blister bandaids before

    Wicking socks should help too. I love smartwool phd women's running socks